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Why Hushpuppi Won’t Be The Last Nigerian Fraudster



As the footage confirming the arrest of Hushpuppi storms the Internet, Nigeria’s reputation plummets a hundred feet down the abyss of fraudulence reconfirming Nigeria’s pole position as the world capital of swindlers.


If you can’t understand why PayPal stops Nigerian residents from receiving funds via their accounts, you can now see the clog in the wheel. If you think that Fiverr and other international platforms are unfair to Nigerians, Hushpuppi and his cohort have shown us the truth. The staggering list of alleged crimes against Hushpuppi and his gang — money laundering, cyber fraud, hacking, impersonation, scamming individuals, banking fraud, and identity theft worth about N168bn — shed more light to the scrutiny that awaits any sane Nigerian looking to conduct legal business on the Internet across international borders.

I am aware of the bold defenders of the gospel, according to Saint Hushpuppi, you are part of the problem. For Hushpuppi’s loyalists, life can be tough when your role model is having a mid-life crisis behind bars. If you are an ardent bootlicker for Hushpuppi or you have started a prayer vigil begging God to show him mercy, you are part of the problem. At least think of the victims, 1.93 million innocent people, that’s an equivalent of four countries put together — Iceland, Montenegro, Malta, and Suriname. Think of what their families had to go through because of one man’s greed.

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